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Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of this World Christian Tract Directory is to give information on the different ministries and organizations which publish evangelical Christian tracts. It gives addresses of where to buy the tracts or receive free samples or a free sample pack. Some ministries have an "all tracts free as the Lord provides policy." Please be sure to send an offering for these tracts. Many addresses also include web site and e-mail addresses. In many instances, I will tell the languages available for a tract and the addresses of the different worldwide distributors of tracts. In some instances, I give my personal opinion on what I think of the tract. For more information, please contact the tract ministry/organization and ask for a free sample pack or ask for recommendations from the tract organization. If you need any help in selecting the right tract, please contact me at


World Christian Tract Directory

The addresses of tract ministries are in alphabetical order below.

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A.A. J.E.

A.A. J.E.
5860 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illonois 60659

Tracts for Jewish people

Addressing Mormonism

Addressing Mormonism
Immanuel Bible Church
6911 Braddock Rd.
Springfield, VA 22151-3602
Telephone 703-941-4124
Fax 703-813-1957

"MOQ" - - Support for Christians who want to witness to Mormons.
Also, miscellaneous original short tracts to give to Mormon missionaries.

ACLA (Africa Christian Literature Advance)

ACLA (Africa Christian Literature Advance)
P O Box 332
Roodepoort, 1725
situated at 16 Mare Street
South Africa
Telephone No: 011 763 6187
Manager: Mrs Joan Doyle

All Nations Gospel Publishers

All Nations Gospel Publishers
P.O. Box 2191
Pretoria 0001
South Africa
Phone 012-3274441/2/3 or 3230245 or 3230806/7

All Nations Gospel Publishers
P O Box 2191
Pretoria, 0001
situated at 228 Christoffel Street
Pretoria West
South Africa

Telephone No: 012 327 4441
Fax No: 012 327 2578
Chairman: Rev M R Gschwend

All Nations Gospel Publishers prints and distributes tracts in many of the langages spoken throughout South Africa and may include other countries as well. They have got publications mainly in African Languages. Ask for their list of publications. In Swahili they have "The Heart of Man" and "Who will deliver me?"

W.E. Allen

W.E. Allen
Every Home Crusade
43, Oakland Avenue
Belfast 4, N. Ireland
In Swahili, we have The Gospel of John, The Way of Salvation to our Lord Jesus Christ (16 pp), Forgiveness of Sin and assurance of peace with God

Ambassadors for Christ

Ambassadors for Christ
112 Sipes St.
Winchester, Tennessee 37398

American Bible Society

American Bible Society
1865 Broadway
New York, NY 10023

(800) 248-6571 regular catalog
(800) 322 4253
(800) 543-8000 Scholarly Resources
(212) 581-7400
(212) 408 1200
(212) 408 1512 fax

Low cost Bible publisher and sponsor of volunteer Scripture Courtesy Centers. Bibles, New Testaments, portions. Ask for catalog: Scriptures resources in many languages. They have tracts in English and Spanish and possibly other languages.

American Messianic Fellowship

American Messianic Fellowship
P.O. Box 5470
Lansing, Illinois 60438

7448 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60645

"How a Rabbi Found Peace"
Isaiah 53 tract with New Testament fulfillment.
Tracts to witness to Jewish people.

American Scripture Gift Mission

American Scripture Gift Mission
PO Box 495908
Garland, TX 75049-5908
Toll-free: 877.USE.ASGM (877.873.2746)
Phone: 972.226.6550
Fax: 972.226.6755

Scripture Gift Mission. SGM is a 110-year-old mission based in London. We do booklets and tracts that are made up entirely of Scripture verses compiled around themes, like "Four Things God Wants You to Know" and "Way of Salvation." Most of our publications are evangelistic, though we have some that are great for discipleship and comfort.

We currently publish Scripture booklets and tracts in over 400 languages. The major languages generally have more choices, but the range is growing throughout all the languages. Our publications are used in 187 countries.

American Scripture Gift Mission, one of 16 branches around the world, has a web site that lists all 400+ languages available. Also, many of the languages have a complete listing on the site of what's available in those particular languages. We are one of the Gospel Communications family of ministries and can be found at or in the GospelCom directory of ministries on the GCN home page.

All the SGM branches are listed on the site as well, with address and email information. Please let me know if you need further input from me to help you complete your project.

For more than a century, SGM publications have featured carefully selected verses on different themes intended to introduce the message of the Bible. Although we work primarily in major languages, SGM has a particular concern for smaller language groups as well. As a result, every year we have the privilege of publishing the very first Scripture portions for several language groups.

ASGM has booklets and tracts in over 400 languages that are great for ethnic church planting and multi-lingual ministry in the US as well as overseas. These publications are attractive compilations of verses on relevant themes. Most are evangelistic, like "Savior of the World" and "God's Plan for Man." Others are pastoral (but include gospel passages), like "Living Together God's Way" and "Daily Strength." SGM Intl has been providing such resources since 1888. Tell them the languages you need and they'll tell you what's available. Include your snail mail address for English samples.

SGM Offices around the World
Britain & International Offices

England SGM International
Radstock House, 3 Eccleston Street
London SW1W 9LZ
Britain & International telephone: 44.171.730.2155
Britain office fax: 44.171.730.0240
Britain office email:
International office fax: 44.171.730.5243
International office email:
Australia Greg Cooper
SGM International
PO Box 1765
Castle Hill, NSW 2154
Tel: 61.2.9899.3773
Fax: 61.2.9680.1977
Brazil Victor Cardoo, Director
Missao SGM no Brasil
CP 700
12201-970 São José dos Campos - SP
Tel/fax: 55.12.341.6675
Canada Ted Barlett, Director
SGM International
300 Steelcase Road West, #32
Markham, Ontario L3R 2W2
Tel: 1.905.475.0521
Fax: 1.905.475.8643
India Dr. Ananda Thejus, Director
SGM International
PO Box 5316
18/1 Infantry Road
Bangalore 560 001
Ireland John McIlvenna, Director
SGM International
218 York Street
Belfast, N Ireland BT15 1GY
New Zealand John Knowles, Director
SGM International
PO Box 10274
Auckland 3, New Zealand
Tel: 64.9.630.7403
Fax: 64.9.630.0784
Nigeria Rev. Chris Onyemkpa, Director
Scripture Gift Mission Nigeria
Faith Books Centre
121 Agbani Road
PO Box 9050 Enugu, Nigeria
Tel/fax: 234.42.258910
Peru SGM-Ediciones PUMA
Apdo 441
Lima 100, Peru
Tel: 51.14.286354
Fax: 51.14.286266
Poland Jaraslaw Janowski, Director
SGM International
ul.Mysliwska 2
87-118 Torun
Tel: 48.56.655.6030
Republic of
Richard Chia, Director
SGM International
PO Box 59
Pasir Panjang Post Office
Singapore 911122
Republic of Singapore
Tel: 65.475.1865
Fax: 65.475.9466
Republic of
South Africa
SGM International
Manie Lombard
PO Box 591025
Republic of South Africa
Tel:- 27.11.615.5575
Fax:- 27.11.615.5536
USA Doug Salser, Director
PO Box 495908
Garland, TX 75049-5908
Toll-free: 1.877.USE.ASGM (877.873.2746)
Tel: 1.972.226.6550
Fax: 1.972.226.6755
Zambia SGM International
PO Box 11228
Chingola, Zambia
Tel/fax: 260.271.1425
Zimbabwe Peter Nyangara, Director
SGM International
PO Box 3494
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel/fax: 263.470.0957

American Tract Society

American Tract Society
PO Box 4620008
Garland TX 75046-2008
Toll free: 1 800 548 7228
Tel: (972) 276 9408
Fax: (972) 272 9642

Well written tracts in comic and non comic format on glossy paper, large selection in a English Spanish and other languages including Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, and French. ATS has new cybertracts, which is an interactive cd-rom. One looks like a comic book.

ATS has evangelism, African American, discipleship, children's tracts, tip cards, marriage and family, sports evangelism, audio tracts, tract displays, door hangers. ATS also has many of the Last Days Ministries tracts.

American Tract Society'S Corner For Kids

ATSkids, "a safe online refuge for kids of all ages," will delight the kids in your family or Sunday school class. Play a Ping Pong game, assemble jigsaw puzzles (two levels of difficulty), print out and color Christian-related pages, and find a creative, constructive Gospel presentation, making clear the message of salvation in kid style. American Tract Society sponsors this fun Web site for kids, and also has a variety of children's tracts for use in VBS, Bible clubs, summer camps, parties and special events. Visit the ATS Web site and discover these creative ways to reach the kids you know with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ATSkids:

AMF International

AMF International
P.O. Box 5470
Lansing, Illinois 60438

"L'Chaim" excellent booklet to witness to Jewish people with graphics in Hebrew and English-sort of a five spiritual laws tract.

Answers in Genesis (USA)

Answers in Genesis (USA)
P.O. Box 6330
Florence, Kentucky 41022

Tel: (606) 727-2222
Phone: 800-350-3232 ext. 436
fax 606-727-2299
The Worthwhile Mall (Order Online!):

Creation tracts

Answers in Genesis
P.O. Box 6302
Acacia Ridge D.C.
Qld 4110

Tel: (07) 3273 7650
(Int'l +617 3273 7650)
Fax: (07) 3273 7672
(Int'l +617 3273 7672)
creation tracts

Association for Spiritual Renewal

Association for Spiritual Renewal
(Russian branch of Peter
Deyneka Russian Ministries)
Novye Cheremushki kvartal
Ul. Nametkina, Bldg. 5
Moscow, Russia 117420

Phone: (095) 719-7945
Fax: (095) 719-7890

Contact person: Tanya Orlova at

I am pleased to inform you that following evangelical tracts in Russian are available at ASR bookstore:

1. "Mentoring"
2. "His needs her needs"
3. "What's a mother to do"
4. "30 ideas for husbands and fathers"
5. "Yes, I Know So!"
6. "The first nine months"
7. "What does God say about abortion"

Awakening 2000

Awakening 2000
688 Parramatta Rd Croydon NSW Australia 2132
telephone +612 9716 8247
fax +612 9716 8237


They have a variety of tracts suitable for the Australian Culture (but may suit others too) - all in English. They are AU$0.20 each plus postage - Mastercard and Visa cards accepted.

Some titles are:


Simpson and his Donkey (World War 1 hero)
- (also available in a general edition)
Granny Smith (discover of the world's best apple)
- (also available in a general edition)
Jesus, the Transformer of History
The Sunflower
Platypus (an animal Australian oddity)
Jesus ... an Ordinary Bloke?
Birdwing Butterfly

Special occasions:

Mother's Day
Father's Day
Anzac Day (Australian public holiday - World War 1)


Silent Night
Good King Wenceslas
A Stable is Better than Nothing
Carols by Candlelight

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